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Future Bulldog

Yale's historic campus is mere steps from our front door! An homage to the past, a peek into the future, we're beyond thrilled to host you for an incredibly comfortable night or more as you discover the Ivy League campus. 

Rest well knowing that your exclusive discount for visiting the campus is 10% off our Best Available Rate. 

Don't forget to rub Woolsley's toe so we may see you for many, many more visits!

Explore our rooms & suites!

Stroll the iconic Yale campus at your own pace!

Book our exclusive Bulldog Package and receive a Yale T Shirt (in your preferred size), a Yale Bulldog Beanie, complimentary guaranteed 1:00pm checkout and complimentary extended parking time! 

Need an insider tip? You'll also receive a curated list of Yalie faves in New Haven. 


Experience New Haven The Right Way

Stay with us